MiniRae 3000 PID

Photoionisation Detector 
The Mini RAE VOC Sampler 
The Mini Rae 3000, originally manufactured by RAE instruments in Denmark, is amongst the finest most stable hydrocarbon monitors available  
However, you do need to know a little bit about the type of hydrocarbon you wish to sample and what process you might be monitoring in order.  
Specifically, PID’s (photo ionisation detectors) have a dislike of moisture, it can destroy the lamp, further more moisture can absorb the VOC that you are trying to monitor. PID’s respond very poorly to methane and in general cannot and are not used to monitor methane. 
How does a PID work?  
It uses light in a similar manner that an FID uses a flame to ionise the sample, the PID uses a UV lamp to know out an electron from the hydrocarbon sample to create a positive ion. The positive ions are accelerated across a grid to a cathode. The current that flows are proportional to the concentration of the hydrocarbon  
All elements and compounds can be ionised but the amount of energy required to ionise them will differ 
The energy required to turn a compound to an ion is called the ionisation potential (IP) 
A table of the IP’s is available from the manufacture. If the IP of a gas is less than the lamp used, then you can ionise that gas  
e.g. 9.8 eV lamp  
gas Ionisation potential (IP) 
Benzene 9.24 
Xylene(o) 8.56 
Toluene 8.82 
So these can all be ionised by a 9.8 eV lamp. A mixture of these would give you a total amount. So you would either combine these with charcoal sampling or use a GC/ PID which Environmental Monitoring do sell  
Arson investigation 
A PID is an excellent tool for monitoring accelerant within the area subject area  
A hydrocarbon and or VOC spillage can be identified and a cordon arranged by means of assessing the risk with a PID 
Emergency Response. Using instrument such as these helps to quickly evaluation any exposure risk and establish safe perimeters 
BTEX investigations 
Industrial Hygiene 
Fugitive emissions 
Rental Price 150/wk 
range 0-15,000ppm 
resolution 0.1ppm 
Battery life 16hrs 
Datalogging 6months at 1minute 
Rating Atex approved 
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