MicroFID II Portable Flame Ionization Detector

Please call us on 01539 727878 or 07799 626406 to enquire or place an order.
The portable landfill fid is unique
1, it is intrinsically safe
2, Is can be transported by road
3, It has a compact metal halide fuel canister - 10hr life
4, It comes with the option of a probe and and ATEX remote logging GPS hand held PDA
Technical Specification:
Fuel capacity 10L
Fuel life 10 hrs
Battery life 15hrs
Datalogging 24,000 interval mode
Response T90 <3 secs
Range 0- 50,000ppm ( 5%)
Resolution 0.1ppm
Repeatability +/1 2%
Weight 6kg
Size 35.5L x27.5 x 7cm

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