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Stack, Flue or Chimney Emission Testing  

Stack Emission monitoring is often referred to the air monitoring of an emission point. Typically, such monitoring is carried out on boiler stacks, exhausts from printers, discharges from bag filters, thermal oxidisers and is performed on a regular basis. 
Emission Monitoring: 
Stacks from boilers and industrial processes will carry pollutants such as SOx, NOx, particles, solvents and other dusts and gases. These can have a detrimental effect on local air quality and for this reason such emissions are often regulated. Typically this regulation requires measurement of the concentration of these pollutants on a regular basis, often referred to as periodic stack emission monitoring. The regulator will usually set limits as to concentration (or mass flow) and purpose of the monitoring will be to determine whether the emissions are below those limits set. 
This area is more for consultants who perform stack emission tests, end users and other organisations who perform Isokinetic particulate (dust) sampling together with CEM (continuous emission monitoring) testing and VOC (volatile organic compound)testing.  
Environmental Monitoring can Supply: 
The method for testing to meet UK, European and ISo standards, US EPA Reference methods( USEPA M5) 
The equipment to comply with these standards. 
Training courses, so you know what is required of you and the kit.  
Isokinetic sampler em-monitors

M5 Isokinetic US EPA M5 

combustion analyser

Combustion Analyser 

Heated fid em-monitors

VOC FID BSEN12619:2013 

Mini Isokinetic Sampler em-monitors

Mini Isokinetic Sampler BSEN13284 

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