Servicing and Calibration   When performing any measurement we require  1, A method 2, A validation Environmental Monitoring is focused to provide the procedures and calibrations that are an essential requirement of all measurement processes 

Prices For Servicing & Calibration 
Traceable standard calibrations 
Ask about our loan analyser scheme 
Pid £150.00 
Portable fid £200 
personal sampling pump £80 
Indoor air quality meter £75 
Pitot Tubes £180 
Vane Anemometers £75 
Hot Wire Anemometer £75 
Combustion analyser £220 
Biogas Analyser £220 
Landfill Gas Analyser £220 
Gas Safety Meter (Detector) £75.00 
Asbestos Pump £75.00 
Real time Dust Monitors £500.00 
Noise Meters £175.00 
Isokinetic Samplers £350.00 

At Environmental Monitoring We are Able to Service a Vast Range of Equipment to Professional and Industry Standards. From Portable Fids and Pids to Isokinetic Samplers, Probes, Pumps, Heated Line Controllers.  Please click here for our 2016 Catalogue >> 

We offer a quick turnaround, and after sales support as required. 
Environmental Monitoring have product knowledge on all aspect of Environmental Monitoring going back over 20 years. 
Call: 01539 727878 for details 
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