Stack Emission monitoring
Indoor air quality
Workplace Exposure Monitoring
Portable Intrinsically Safe (IS) Data Fid 
The unit is ideally suited to landfill gas monioring, fugitive emision monitoring and general gas monitoring on petrochemical plants 
The transportable is fid has the following benefits: 
10 hrs of fuel 
Fuel type Hydrogen in a Hydrostyk 
15hrs Battery life 
Range 0.1 to 50,000ppm 
Repeatability +/- 2% 
Low ranage 0.01 to 10ppm 
Datalogging - 24,000 pts user definable log rate 
Weight 6kg 
Blue tooth data connectivity 
Additional "Hydrostick" portable metal hydride fuel system 
Refil regulator 
intrinsically safe pda allows remote ignition and display 
Telescopic probe 
Calibration gas 
.Application, Information and Tips 
The data idy good is most commonly used by petrochemical plant, chemical plant and landfill operators. 
The unit lends itself to be a very effective total hydrocarbon monitor, specifically it can not only monitor the long and short chain hydrocarbons (aliphatic series) such as the alkanes i.e methane, ethane, propane... hexane etc it can also monitor for alkenes, alcohols and aromatic hydrocabons such as Benzene, xylene and toluene. 
The data fid must only operate in an environment where there is no moisture , but can work effectively up to 50 deg C 
Unique Features 
Fuel - most conventional fids use hydrogen fuel in a high pressure cylinder. The major issue of this is it introduces a hazardous transport issue. i.e ADR trained drivers are needed to move it around 
Metal Hydrie Fuel Cell It is the only unit to offer a lower pressure system whereby the gas is absorbed onto metal hydride this means the system is transportable 
an optional water based hydrogen refil system is availabe 
Datalogging - The Data fid has an inbuilt data logger with a logging capacity of 24,000 data points 
GPS-the optional remote gps data reader provides the exact location that the reading has been taken 
Back pack- a specially designed back pack allows the data fid to be used un restricted 
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