Stack Emission monitoring
Indoor air quality
Workplace Exposure Monitoring
Isokinetic Sampling Equipment 
M5 Isokinetic Sampler 
The Reference M5 : 
Hi flow sampler 
dual inclined manometer 
Dry Gas Meter 
Orifice plate 
1 x temp display 
2 x heater controllers 
Hi flow recirculation pump 
5 input thermocouple 
dgm in and out temps 
Course and fine valves 
Temp select switch 
Voltage 110v 
Miniflow 3 
Compact Isokinetic Sampler 
The compact isokinetic sampler 
2 box system 
1 x pump 
1 x console 
Digital Dry gas meter 
Eascial calibration 
1x temperaturs display 
3 pt temp select switch 
4 x thermocouple input 
Flow meter indicator 
50lpm flow rate 
Weight 15kg(aprox) both boxes 
Voltage 110v 
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