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Indoor Air Quality 

What is indoor air quality  
This is the make up of the air that we breathe in our workplace or in our home  
it is generally viewed from a point of comfort.  
However we do consider the term sick buiding syndrome (SBS) to be an acceptable reference to a set of conditions  
Sore Throats 
Sore Eyes 
It may alo include a runny nose or a stuffy nose. 
Whilst it is not a recognised illness, its symptons are certainly docummented 
So what can we do.? 
A good assesment to the air witihn the room is part of the way of solving any issues 
We would need to be able to record and trend the following in order to tell if the air i good or poor 
Within the UK these are HSE recommended ranges for the workplace. 
Item Range 
Temperature 16-19 Deg C 
Realtive Humdity 40-70% 
Air Flow 0.1 to 0.15 litres per minute (lpm) 
Whiltst these are the basic things you can monitor. There are a whole host of other components that will be present in the air you breath. 
This includes dust, fine particulate and gases from road vehicles, especialy diesel engined raod vehicles( this is a prime source of fine particulates called pm2.5, and pm 10's) 
Environmental Monitoring can supply a very simple device. wall mounted device which can monitor  
Relative Humidity 
Dust PM2.5 
Carbon Monoxide 
Carbon Dioxide 
Nitrogen Dioixde 
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