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Indoor air quality
Workplace Exposure Monitoring
Home Testing 
Its has become more and more common to find people who have suffered an adverse reactions to certain materials brought into their homes. Recent examples include items such as sofas and carpets, furniture made from mdf and bonding resins. 
Environmental Monitoring aim to help you identify what it maybe that is harming you and your family within your home 
ineach case we aim to offer a cost effective system to monitor you environment. 
Our Approach 
Environmental Monitoring have a set approach to testing any environment. 
Download results or send samples to the laboratory 
interpretation of results and report- usualy we look at workplace exposure limits to provide a useful comparism 
Home Monitoring kits: 
Indoor Air Quality - Home Test Kit 1 
realtime kit measure:s carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide. relative humidity and temperature- 3 day hire £100 
RealTime Dust Monitor- Home Test kit 2 £100 
measurs total dust, pm10 , pm2.5 
Hydrocarbon tube test kit- Home Test kit 3 £250 
this measures a range of hydrocarbons 
shipping £15, client to return goods 
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