Frisbee Gauge 
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The Standard Frisbee gauge is made up of an anodised collecting dish with a welded tube which then connects to the bottle via a plastic tube. 
The full kit consists 
1 x Frisbee dish 
1 x foam pad 
1 x collapsible tripod 
1 x plastic tube 
2 x bottles 
The Frisbee is nominally used in long-term monitoring. ( minimum of six months ) 
As the bottles fills up it takes with it any dust suspended in the atmosphere that has deposited in the Frisbee head. The bottles contents are filtered through a pre weighed filter to get a weight 
As imple calculation then applies to determine in the dust concentration. Calculate the mean rate of dust deposition (undissolved solids) as: 
(W2-W1) x 24.7 mg m-2 day-1 
where W1 = initial dry weight of filter (in mg) 
W2 = final dry weight of filter plus dust (in mg) and 
T = length of exposure period (in days) 
Quantity discounts:
10+ £235.00
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