Basic Portable FID 
Product Details 
The Gastec (sometimes refered to as the Gas-Tec MKiV) FID is the most simple and reliable to use. The unit is capable of carrying up to 60 hours of fuel gas and has a battery capability of 15 hours. The hire kit is supplied complete with charger, fuel, probe and filter. These units are calibrated prior to shipment. Environmental Monitoring are able to offer an optional battery operating data logger to use with this item. 
A flame ionisation detector like the Gastec burns hydrocarbons in a flame, changes them to +ve carbon ions. This stream of +ve ions is accelerated across to a charge cathode, creating a tiny current. The current is proportional to the amount of carbon in a compound. Once calibrated, the unit provides excellent information on hydrocarbon concentration. 
The Gastec FIDs are typically calibrated on methane. The quick start guide supplied with the instrument provides precise information on how to use this product. 
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